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For High Powered Rankings High DA Permanent Homepage Link

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For Hands-Free Rankings All Our Best Products In One Package

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For Building Press & Link Diversity Press Release & Distribution

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About Me

I guarantee my work and provide reports for proof. I am not some run of the mill person promising false crap!

I started out in computers when I was in the Air Force over 40 years or so ago. I was too cheap to buy a game back them I decided to learn how to crack the code, and that's where my love of computers began.

I was able to use the Air Force's backing and go to college along with a Pell Grant I was able to get a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Even though I was an SP (military police), I was asked to do work for other outfits relating to computers.

I got out of the service after 7 years and later opened up a computer business from my home and developed it into a larger scale over 1 year.

Back then we had 300 Baud modems and the internet was nothing more than a bulletin board. I remember getting excited when 2400 baud modems came out. Funny thing is I was the one that said "start buying those dot com's now they will be worth a lot soon". But of course I didn't buy any, stupid move. I closed that business and moved on to learning everything I could about the internet. With the internet constantly changing it's an on going learning experience.

Traffic Generation

I have some very unique ways of generating traffic. You don't want any ol traffic, you want quality traffic. That I can bring you!

Expert SEO/SEM

After 40+ years and still learning new tricks, I'm the best at what I do..


I run my business by myself and I only take a few clients at a time. This way I don't over extend myself and can provide a great service to you.

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April 19, 2017
increase website traffic

What’s the key to a successful online Biz? Traffic Right? Nope!

What’s the key to a successful online Biz? Traffic Right? Nope! It’s Quality Traffic. (Same applies to an offline Biz, you need customers.) So how do […]