Need High Powered Links To Rank You Faster?

BB Blitz gives you high DA, permanent, home page links.

What Is BB Blitz?

The number 1 way to get high domain authority homepage links in today's world. I have developed a lot of relationships with site owners over the years. I have owners of sites in almost every niche. Once you give me your keywords and urls I go out and contact these owners manually. Then I get them to place links on the sidebar.

Powerful Links

We set high standards for where we’ll place links.

Your toolbar PR is not accurate so buying links based on that, well you won't get what you pay for. I rely on Moz Domain Authority because it updates constantly and is a reliable metric.

As you can see, the stats from our publishers are very authoritative:

  • 20% Moz DA 15-20 (Small power, ≈ PR1 or PR2)
  • 60% Moz DA 20-30 (Medium power, ≈ PR2 or PR3)
  • 20% Moz DA 30+ (Large power, ≈ PR3 or PR4+)

  • How It Works

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    I don't or haven't yet offered a money back guarantee on these links but I'm so confident about these links that I decided to do it.

    I want you to be fully confident in the links I place, so if you don't like them for any reason, I will refund 100% of your money with in 30 days after I deliver the report. This gives you a whole month to check out the links and see the results!

    Packages & Pricing

    *Bulk Discount Already Applied To 10 & 20 Link Packages!*

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