What’s the key to a successful online Biz? Traffic Right? Nope!

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    What’s the key to a successful online Biz? Traffic Right? Nope!

    increase website traffic

    What’s the key to a successful online Biz? Traffic Right? Nope!

    It’s Quality Traffic.

    (Same applies to an offline Biz, you need customers.)

    So how do we get quality traffic?

    We create a Giveaway that not many can refuse!

    Now please take the time out of your busy schedule and hear me out on this. This is a way for your business to build a massive email list, get new customers and pay for the giveaway and my service.

    What Do You Gain?

    1. A large Email list that you can use to market your products or services to. You see these are quality leads and a huge potential to generate more sales.
    2. Thousands of people who sign up will be directed to a Thank You Page. This page will have Google Adsense Ad’s placed on the page. Google pays you every time someone clicks on an Ad, this alone can pay for the giveaway and probably much more.
    3. You gain new customers. Quality customers targeted for your type of business.

    What Type of Giveaway do you Offer?

    It has to be great. I recommend a 3 Day Vacation to somewhere in Florida. This will cost around $600 or so. You might be thinking that’s a lot to give for a Giveaway. Well not really, you see you will be gaining customers and will have an email list to generate ongoing sales. Plus you’ll be generating cash from the thank you page from Google. You’ll also be generating interest in your business from the Giveaway getting shared and or going viral!

    So What do I do and How Much is this Going to Cost You?

    1. I setup everything, you do nothing. You must have a Facebook Fan Page though. If you don’t have one we can talk and set one up for you.
    2. I create the contest rules and post to your site.
    3. I create the initial post for the Giveaway on your fan page.
    4. I setup your funnel. This is the form that they enter to win and opt in to your email list.
    5. I setup Google Adsense for you so you can generate revenue from the thank you page.
    6. I setup the Thank You page. The all important step to thank them for entering the contest and asking them to like your page and share the post as well as having relevant links to generate income. We can also use this page to give them some type of voucher etc.
    7. Depending on your type of business and the type of customers you need to acquire I might have to pay for Facebook ad’s instead of using your fan page post. I pay for this out of my service fee.

    My charge for all this is $950. Peanuts compared to what you will make!

    DON’T BELIEVE ME? Need an Example?

    Well how I got this information is from a fellow marketer who did this for a site (destinflorida.com). Go check out their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/destinfloridavacations. They have over a half a million likes and over a half a million followers.

    Their contests get thousands of likes and shares and their email list is huge! They generate thousands of dollars a month with this system.

    It Works, Period!

    Now you don’t have to be a travel site. This can work for any type of business. A giveaway can be structured in many ways to accommodate your needs and the type of customers you want to get.

    About Me:

    I run a Social Media, SEO/SEM Marketing Company based in Rhode Island. Although I run this company by myself I have a huge number of contacts and sources that I use to outperform the big boys. I’ve been in the computer industry for 40 plus years. I love seeing my services really help a business.

    Get in contact with me if you want to talk more. You can book a time to talk on my site at http://bobbridgemedia/bookings.

    You can contact me using my contact form at http://bobbridgemedia.com.

    Looking forward to helping your business grow!

    Bob Bridge

    Bob Bridge
    Bob Bridge
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